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The Hollywood Spectra Laser

Experience Hollywood-level skincare with the Spectra Laser at Bespoke Aesthetics. Our advanced treatments target a range of skin concerns, from pigmentation issues to acne scars, for a radiant complexion worthy of the red carpet. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to flawless, glowing skin. Experience the transformative power of the Hollywood Spectra Laser. Schedule your appointment today!

Hollywood Spectra Laser

What's the Hollywood Spectra Laser?

The Hollywood Spectra Laser is gaining in popularity and with good reason:

  • It visibly improves skin tone & texture

  • Individual treatments take less than 30 minutes

  • Minimal pain, no downtime

By exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen growth, the Hollywood Laser is able to address a wide range of conditions like fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Patients will notice immediate results without extended downtime, making it an ideal treatment before a big event.

What skin conditions does the Hollywood Laser treat? 

The Hollywood Laser is able to help with the following skin concerns:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scars

  • Hyperpigmentation/brown spots

  • Texture irregularities

  • Enlarged Pores

How does the Hollywood Laser work?

Utilizing the Spectra laser platform, the Hollywood Laser works in two ways. First, the laser targets unwanted pigment like melasma or sun spots. The body removes this through it's natural detoxification process. Secondly, the laser heats up the dermis which causes it to contract.

These two steps mean patients will experience instant and gradual results. Immediately, you'll notice tighter skin due to contractions from the heat, and over time you'll notice more even tone and texture due to increased collagen production.

What can you expect during a Hollywood Laser treatment?

An individual session of the Hollywood Laser is both quick and easy. One of the biggest perks of the Hollywood Laser is that individual sessions typically take 30 minutes or less. Patients also experience very little pain, that's sometimes described as a "prickly" sensation.

How long does it take to recover from the Hollywood Laser?

Unlike other lasers or peels, the Hollywood Laser has zero downtime. Patients can resume normal activities shortly after their session.

How many treatments of the Hollywood Laser do I need to see results? 

Patients will notice tighter skin immediately following their appointment, but will need a series of treatments to gain visible, long-lasting results. The exact number of sessions you'll need is dependent on your unique skincare goals. Together, we'll work to determine the best treatment regimen for you.

In general, patients will see a deeper glow, minimized pores and fewer fine lines and wrinkles with regular monthly sessions. Monthly appointments can prevent bacterial acne breakouts, diminish melasma flare-ups, and reduce skin irregularities.

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